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Notification/Office Order View
News Report Dated:21/09/2017 regarding inauguration of video conferencing facility between Courts and Jails in Sikkim new View
Notification No.309/HCS Dated:13-09-2017(Office Order) new View
Notification No/33/HCS Dated 2-9-2017 Selection Committee as per the Rule 2(f) of the Sikkim Subordinates Courts Service View
Notification No 18/HCS dated 25.08.17 High Court of Sikkim to assist Juvenile Justice Committee of the High Court of Sikkim in the matter pertaining to Children and other issues under Juvenile Justice Act 2015. View
Notification No 31/HCS dated 25.08.17 to ensure the posts of the administrative staff in the District Judiciary are filled up at the earliest View
Office Order No.257/Confdl/HCS dated 12.08.17 View
Circular No. 01/HCS/LIB/17 dated 04/08/2017 View
Notification No 16/HCS dated 03/08/2017 View
Notification No. 30/HCS dated 01.08.2017 View
Notification No 27/Confdl/HCS dated 18/07/2017 View
Notification No. 25/HCS Dated: 11.07.2017 Hon’ble the Chief Justice has been pleased to constitute a “Committee” for publication of the Indian Law Reports of High Court of Sikkim View
Circular no 12/Estt/HCS Dated 08/07/2017 View
Circular No 11/COMP/HCS Dated 03-07-2017 File Tracking System Ver 1.0 View
Notification No. 22/HCS Dated 04/07/2017 Hon’ble the Chief Justice, High Court of Sikkim has been pleased to appoint Administrative Judge/Portfolio Judge of Subordinate Courts View
Notification No 20/HCS Dated:27.06.2017 Hon’ble the Chief Justice is pleased to appoint the following Advocates as Oath Commissioners for the West District for a term of 02 (two) years View