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High Court of Sikkim


  • New Notification No.58/HCS/Comp dated 23/10/2019 Public Interest Litigation (P.I.L ) Committee of the High Court of Sikkim View
  • Notice No 9732/Judl/HCS dated 19.10.2019 Cases listed on 21/10/2019 shall be listed on 22/10/2019 View
  • Notificaiton No.56/Confdl/ HCS dated 18.10.2019 High Court of Sikkim and East District Courts shall remain closed on 21.10.2019 View
  • Notice No.9541/HCS/Confdl dated 16.10.2019 Designation of Senior Advocates View
  • Notificaiton No.53/HCS dated 15.10.2019 Hon'ble Mr. Justice Arup Kumar Goswami took Oath of Office as Chief Justice, High Court of Sikkim View
  • Notice No. 49/ Judl./HCS dated 04.10.2019 View
  • Notificaiton No.45/HCS/Comp dated 27.09.2019 High Court of Sikkim is pleased to declare 5th October, 2019 as holiday for Subordinate Courts of Sikkim View
  • Notificaiton No.46/HCS/Comp dated 27.09.2019 Submission of I.A and Bail Application in digital format View
  • Office Order No 374/HCS Dated:27/09/2019 View
  • Notification No 44/HCS High Court Committee for Sensitization of Family Court Matters Dated:25/09/2019 View
  • Office Order No 359/HCS Dated 19.09.2019 View
  • Office Order No. 358/Confdl./HCS dated 18.09.2019 View